Vicki Latham

Vicki Latham

Vicki Latham P.A.-C.
Physician Assistant-Board Certified
The ToxinClear Health Network founder

The ToxinClear Health Network, founded by Vicki Latham P.A.-C. in 2007, is a growing movement of people who are learning how to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health; to live joyfully, free of toxins; in tune with nature; creating a sustainable future.

Vicki Latham, PA-C. is a board certified Physician Assistant with 31 years experience as a licensed Medical Practitioner, specializing in Woman’s Health. She received her certification as a Childbirth Educator in 1978, and began working as a licensed New Mexico Midwife, from 1980-1990.  At the Las Cruces Birthing Center she delivered over 500 babies. She graduated from the OU Health Science Center in 1992, and as a Physician Assistant has worked in adult medicine, OB/GYN, emergency services, and was the Women’s Health Practitioner for a major university from 2000-2009. Since that time, Vicki has been working for an internal medicine/family practice in Stillwater, OK.

ToxinClear was founded from Vicki’s passion to educate people with creative solutions for convenient, safe, and effective personal detoxification options. She has been interviewed on public radio, national/international webinars, written numerous magazine articles, and she travels across the U.S. as a public speaker on how our water, air, soil, and food are being affected by toxins on a global scale.

Vicki Latham

Vicki with 3 of her grandchildren, who were born ToxinClear because their mom detoxified with Clinoptilolite before, and during her pregnancy’s with them, and afterwards to keep her breast milk clear of toxins . They continue to take Pure Body, clinoptilolite spray daily.

Vicki Latham, P.A.-C, believes that our children are the most vulnerable, the “canary in the coal mine” of our environment…and they have been chirping loudly for quite some time, showing an unprecedented increase in childhood cancers, asthma, behavioral issues, autism, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and obesity. These conditions all have a direct, documented link to pesticides, heavy metals, industrial chemicals and other toxic exposures while in utero, and early childhood.  (read more)

“If newborns are toxic, what chance do we adults have of being pristine?” she asks. Understanding that we can detoxify our bodies daily with effective options that are easy, simple and inexpensive to do…this is the purpose for the ToxinClear movement.

Personally, Vicki now lives in the Denver Metro area, is the mother of 4, the grandmother of 8. She began her working career as a professional ballet dancer in NYC, and was a dance and exercise instructor for 14 years. She still takes dance classes weekly, as her exercise of choice.

Vicki’s energy and passion is contagious, as those who hear her message, and catch her vision, are inspired to re-consider their lifestyle, and begin making more positive, impactful choices. Her desire is not to alarm, but to provide HOPE for a better, healthier future, for all of us. Now, and for the generations yet to come.

“If newborns are toxic, what chance do we adults have of being toxin clear?”

Understanding that we can detoxify our bodies daily with effective options that are easy, simple and inexpensive to do…this is the purpose of the ToxinClear movement.

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