What to Expect in your Consult

How may I help you?

BEFORE our First consult, you will complete and return to me your Health Survey (see below to download your Health Survey Form) This form will be kept in strictest confidence, never shared with anyone, and only discussed with you.

NEXT, I want you to review the various kinds of lab work that is available by clicking “LAB” on the Home page. It is always better to “TEST than to GUESS”. If you know you need a specific lab test, getting it done before our first consult will make our time together more efficient.

If you ALREADY have LAB work, then you can include it with your Health Survey Form. If you don’t know what LAB tests, if any, that you might need, we will discuss that as part of your first consult.

At our first consult we will:

  • Discuss your unique risk factors for Toxicity caused imbalances and health problems.
  • Educate you on ACTIVE and PASSIVE Detoxification methods. The benefits and risks of detoxification.
  • Offer you recommendations that will fit your unique body burden of toxins and your lifestyle, diet, and personal preferences.
  • Offer advice regarding lab tests you could do to obtain a proper diagnosis or make your treatment more effective.
  • Guide you in understanding your lab tests, including interpretation of lab work already performed.
  • Review the best standard and not-so-standard treatments that you may want to pursue.

At your Follow-up consults we could:

  • Discuss other health issues, review all lab test results, and follow up on the results of your personal detox plan.
  • Explore how toxins, malnutrition, hormone imbalances, fungus, viruses, and bacteria (the good ones you want, especially in your bowel, and the bad ones that can make you sick) can all be affecting your health.
  • Discuss which tests and medicines may be needed to treat these additional problems and re-balance your body’s pH, improve your nutritional status, and restore proper hormonal function.
  • Discuss your options for prescription medications for balancing your thyroid, endocrine, adrenal and reproductive glands– finding your best dose, brand, or mix of medicines.
  • Consider enhancing the effectiveness of your medications with natural therapies and alternative medicine options.
  • Explore lifestyle and mind-body issues that contribute to creating balance in your life.
  • Use the 5 Keys to Optimal Health to help you create your Personal Plan for Optimal Health.

Health Survey
Review Lab Options
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“If newborns are toxic, what chance do we adults have of being toxin clear?”

Understanding that we can detoxify our bodies daily with effective options that are easy, simple and inexpensive to do…this is the purpose of the ToxinClear movement.

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