5 Keys to Optimal Health*

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Vicki Latham P.A.-C.

Optimal cellular function is essential to experiencing the state of well-being we call: Health.

After 33 years, as a licensed health care provider, working with thousands of patients, I have come to believe that there are 5 Key factors that will help determine the quality of our life and health.

They are:**

  1.  Detoxification.  We must detoxify our cells to counteract our exposure to tens of thousands of toxins now present in our environment from what we eat, drink, breath, and expose to our skin.
  2. Diet. We must eat the optimal balance of living foods, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to maintain a normal weight, avoid insulin resistance, and provide the energy we need.
  3. Nutritional supplements.  Our foods no longer contain the nutrition they once did, and our busy lifestyles limit our time for growing, and preparing our food.  We need to supplement, but not with chemicals made in a lab, but with farm-fresh, concentrated whole foods, processed to keep the enzymes intact.  We also need probiotics to support the function of our colon and immune system.
  4. Exercise. Daily physical activity is essential for strong, responsive muscles, bone structure maintenance, cardiovascular health, and immune/lymph system functioning.
  5. Stress reduction.  High stress lives adversely affect our immune system, hormonal balance, mental capacity, and our closest relationships.  Emotional toxicity may be our biggest health risk.  We must learn to mitigate stress to a manageable, even useful, level.


As we journey together on the path to optimal health, my goal as a health care provider, educator, and health coach, is to help you create your own, unique, personal plan for optimal health.


Please Book your Consult NOW!  I look forward to working with you.


*Excerpted from the upcoming book:  5 Keys to Optimal Health by Vicki Latham P.A.-C. No part of this article may be reproduced without permission of the author

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This article is not intended for the purpose of preventing, treating, or curing any illness or disease.  Nothing here is intended to replace your relationship with your personal health care provider.


“If newborns are toxic, what chance do we adults have of being toxin clear?”

Understanding that we can detoxify our bodies daily with effective options that are easy, simple and inexpensive to do…this is the purpose of the ToxinClear movement.

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